By: Dena Eichhorst
Account Manager

We all have people around us that support, mentor, laugh, cry, and love us.  As I transitioned into my new role at The Event Lounge, I was struck with the strength of community that the meeting and event industry provides.  I was overwhelmed with the number of emails, texts, and phone calls that I received to congratulate and encourage me on such an exciting new opportunity.

And the warm fuzzies did not stop there.  The sense of community that exists within the team here at The Event Lounge is something very special not found everywhere.  There are so many different backgrounds that make up the team, and it would be easy to create a tumultuous negative office environment.  But the symphony of ideas and creativity that are created within these walls is truly something remarkable.  From artists, entrepreneurs, military personnel, moms, chefs, and recent grads to our beloved office puppy, everyone brings such unique and special ideas that build on the variety of events that we produce.

Before I came into the TEL family, I had worked with the team on a couple small projects.  I thought I was familiar with the work done and have been friends with several team members for years.  But I never knew the variety and extent of work that is produced by this creative group.  Custom centerpieces, décor design and in-house build, individually tailored teambuilding programs, full event management, and more…. This team does it all!  And even more impressive is that each person genuinely cares that the product we put out is top of the line.  Our clients have grown to expect a high level of service from our team, and we give that to them for each and every event.

It is so exciting to be a part of this growing company.  I am privileged to be part of the TEL family and the community that surrounds this team.  I look forward to learning, growing, and expanding this awesome adventure in 2017.