Event Trends in 2017

By: Dena Eichhorst
Account Manager

Each new year brings exciting new ideas to the world of events.  Everyone wants to be on the cutting edge of new trends… but what is really happening this year?  From brand new ideas to those that are making a comeback, let’s take a brief look into the trends that drive our industry this year!

#1 – Nature Overtones

Pantone said it all with the announcement of ‘Greenery’ as the color of the year.  Attendees are trapped inside for conferences and trade shows…. So why not bring the outside IN!  Incorporating natural elements into events will continue to be a strong trend this year.  From grass covered furniture to nature-inspired centerpieces and room dividers, nature is everywhere at events.

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#2 – Small Events – Big Impact

What’s the best way to make a big impact?  A huge event right??  Not necessarily…… A continued trend towards making a big impact is a focus on small, dedicated events to select small groups of clients.  Whether it’s exclusive events for executives, or smaller breakout groups as part of a larger conference; this trend continues to be a strong draw for clients looking to get a big ROI at events.

#3 – Escape the Ordinary

Team building programs are always a popular addition to any program, but one of our new favorites are Escape Rooms.  Franchised off-property escape room experiences are great.  But one of our favorite new options is an Escape Room that is completely customized to your client’s brand and meeting purpose.  And it comes right to their location!  Check out some pictures from our most recent ‘Escape the Kitchen’ experience themed around our client’s array of cleaning products.

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#4 – Brain Breaks

Everyone has been stuck in a long presentation that seems to have no end.  This popular trend hopes to cure your yawning and excessive need for caffeine.  Planners continue to incorporate interactive exercises into event schedules to get the blood flowing; can’t get up from your seat…… tables incorporating coloring pages and markers are the next best thing to maintain your focus!


#5 – Back to Basics 

With everything crazy that is happening in our lives these days, it’s nice to remember the good ol’ days.  Events are incorporating this feeling of warmth in everything from food to décor.  Minimalist décor elements with clean lines accent the sometimes exaggerated floral and linen elements; while menus are going back to more carefree days with chicken pot pie, gourmet grilled cheese, and s’mores stations.

IMG_5380   IMG_5378

#6 –  Interactive Experiences

Nothing creates an impression on your guests like an interactive sensory experience.  Touch, Taste, Smell, and Feel – exhibitors and planners alike are incorporating these sensory experiences into events now more than ever.  And guests are taking notice!  In the digital age where everyone is constantly looking down at their phones, these sensory interactions bring events to life!


#7 – Use What You’ve Got

Why re-invent the wheel?  Planners are taking advantage of the many unique spaces available for hosting events.  And rather than covering up the entire space with pipe and drape to block out the existing structure, the uniqueness of the space is being incorporated into the event.  This also for more creativity with décor and themes, truly engaging your guests in their surroundings.

#8 – Branding, Branding, Branding

Not a new trend, but still important to mention.  Branding has been and still is very important for companies as they develop their marketing and event budgets.

Some new and some refabbed, but all part of the event world that we love.  Clients are demanding creativity in design and implementation while still getting the most ROI for their spend.  We hope you enjoyed this look in to some of the trends of 2017.  We cannot wait to see where this year takes us!