Lessons Learned & Then I Returned

By: Amanda Wells, CMP
Director of Business Development

When I start to think about how much my life has changed since I first joined The Event Lounge in February 2011, I get emotional and excited for the future.  Taking a leap of faith, leaving a pretty kush job that I loved, and starting a new business was exhilarating and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

My return to TEL feels the same way, exhilarating.  There’s a comfort that surrounds me, the team that truly feels like family, but the growth TEL has experienced has me really excited about the future.  I am returning “home” from an amazing experience with a global agency that allowed me to gain incredible knowledge about marketing, strategy, and large scale event production.  This will only aide me and the TEL team in our continued expansion.


It’s exciting to see us busting at the seams in our office, the amazing new décor items, the staging props being built, Lindsey, the new Operations Manager, sitting perched on a chair surrounded by boxes ready to be taken to the new warehouse. We hold marketing meetings huddled on a small table because it’s the only place that isn’t being used for event preparations.  I learned quickly to not get too comfortable where I am sitting because chances are, someone is going to need to be where I am soon.  Have I said that we are SUPER excited about our new office/warehouse?!?!?

As chaotic as that sounds, it works. The TEL team has a special connection that results in amazing, flawless execution of events.  The connection allows us to truly form long term partnerships with our clients, a heartfelt understanding of their goals and our unwavering dedication to helping them achieve excellence. When you are in the trenches, you want to be there with people you trust and like, and that is every one of our team members.


Alison and The Event Lounge family has been by my side for so many important moments in my life including marriage, children being born, death of loved ones, career achievements, wins, losses, and lots and lots of laughter (and wine).  So when I am asked, how does it feel to be back at The Event Lounge, it really does feel like I clicked my heels and came home.

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