More Than Four

By: Chelsa Baker
Strategic Solutions Consultant

It’s official! I made it through my first quarter at The Event Lounge. I’ve always had the mindset that the first quarter is your learning period, your curve for mistakes that turn into a lesson, asking question after question, soaking up everything you can about the company and finding your place. Prior to interviewing with The Event Lounge and my first day, I researched as much as I could and felt I had a solid understanding of all that the company can deliver to clients. I knew that TEL offered the following main services: Meeting management, Décor Design and Execution, Production and Team Building/Cause Marketing and I knew that the reputation of the company was solid. I read client reviews that were overwhelmingly positive and I knew that the client return rate was high, speaking volumes.

The Event Lounge however, does so much more than just provide the four main services as I previously thought, and looking back now I realize how naïve I was in this assumption. No matter how unusual the request, “as long as it is ethical, legal and safe” (a quote often said by our CEO, Alison) we will put a plan in action and make it happen for a client. I was blown away by the willingness to perfect even the smallest detail and execute the ‘out of the box’ requests. Nothing pleasantly surprised me more though than the work family culture Alison has created at The Event Lounge.

The family atmosphere is what sets us apart from other companies. You can feel it in the work that is produced and it shows in every day connections. I’ve watched major contracts being signed and know that the company is projected to have its best year yet in 2017 but what continues to amaze me is the culture and atmosphere of the team. From the CEO going around the conference table at a company retreat listing positive attributes about each and every employee, to always ensuring that the lunch table be round when we go out to eat (so that everyone can see and talk to each other) I continue to be amazed.

In the short amount of time that I’ve been at TEL, I’ve gained a firm understanding of what we offer, but an even firmer grasp of what sets us above the competition, and that is the culture that has been created. This is a company you want to do business with. This company puts people first and turns clients into friends.

The first quarter was an exciting whirlwind and I can not wait to see what the future holds.