Who We Are

The Event Lounge is a unique gathering of sharp, creative, solution-oriented industry experts, standing by to help guarantee your next meeting or event is flawlessly executed.

The members of our tight-knit “family” are multi-talented, each able to wear several different hats based on the needs of your project. Our “smart sized” team is one of the many things that makes The Event Lounge unique. We have a pool of industry experts and consultants at our fingertips that we partner with regularly, allowing our team to grow as needed. Our team is skilled and purposeful, allowing us to focus on your vision and ensure your event is exactly what you envision.

  • Alison (Kieckhafer) Zimmerman, CMP

    Alison (Kieckhafer) Zimmerman, CMP

    Owner and CEO/ Chief Event Officer
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  • Carrie Elder, CMP

    Carrie Elder, CMP

    Meeting Planner/Meeting Magician
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  • Donna Ramsay, CMP

    Donna Ramsay, CMP

    Operations Manager/ Diligent Event Detailer
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  • Eric Zimmerman

    Eric Zimmerman

    Chief Information Officer/ Jack-Of-All-Trades
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  • Christopher Aupperle

    Christopher Aupperle

    Administrative Services Manager/ Chief-Get-It-Done Guy
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  • Ashlyn Young

    Ashlyn Young

    Operations Manager/Creative Details Diva
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  • Taylor Solice

    Taylor Solice

    Operations Manager/Earth Advocate
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  • Teresa McDonald

    Teresa McDonald

    Warehouse and Inventory Manager/ "Mother Teresa"
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  • Chewy


    TEL Security
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