Ashlyn Young

“This company is the perfect combination of creativity, community, and crazy! No day is like the other and my coworkers are like my family. Striving for success for our clients while working alongside such creative people is truly my dream job.”


Ashlyn is an Operations Manager for TEL. She was born and raised in Dallas Texas and graduated from Stephen F Austin in Nacogdoches in 2017. With a major in Hospitality Administration and a focus in Meeting and Event planning she has been able to put her full knowledge into this job and learn along the way.

Ashlyn’s main role at The Event Lounge is to see an event off without a hitch. Anything from designing to planning to purchasing, she covers it all to make sure the client’s event is a success! While she spends quite a bit of time at events, you can also find her attending networking events for other planners in the Dallas area.

Ashlyn’s main passion is traveling and thankfully she gets to do quite a bit of it with this career! Apart from travelling, she likes to spend as much time with family as she can.


Passions: Travelling and learning about other cultures!

Hobbies: Reading, Baking, and singing loudly in the car.

Most Memorable Moment: A certain Superbowl party for an NFL player that took place at his house, when he happened to walk into his kitchen in nothing but a towel.