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The SIP Story


Written By: Kristy Goode

Here at The Event Lounge, we have always worked with the thought of wanting to be purposeful in what we do. Meaning, we think it’s so important to work for the greater good of others. What would our jobs mean if we didn’t use our talents to help others in need?

This summer, Alison and I sat down with a bit of frustration in our hearts, if I’m being honest. Our projects have been flourishing and the business has been strong, so why the frustration? Our frustration came from the fact that our philanthropic endeavors just weren’t playing out the way we had intended for them to and we didn’t have a concrete plan on how we were going to change this.

A brainstorm session hit and Alison said the three magical words that birthed one wonderful idea. She said, “No Kid Hungry.”



  • "The Event Lounge Rocked it today for the DFW Humane Society's 2014 Black Collar Affair! Fabulous Decor!"
  • "Amazing staff and production ability! These guys are awesome!!!!"
  • “The Event Lounge did an amazing job for us! We were very impressed with their process of learning about our event, their proposal process and follow through. They listened to what we wanted and rather than providing what they wanted to do, they costed exactly what we asked for. They also provided creative new and different things to add to our event that complemented our theme."
  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Event Lounge on many projects over the years and would highly recommend their services to clients searching for the red carpet treatment. I can always trust the TEL team to create high quality, high caliber, results no matter what the budget limits may be."